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Hello and Welcome to Real Life in a Blog!


This blog is about a journey of self-discovery, learning to live in the present and letting go of negativity.

In an effort to never feel alone we can talk about our experiences and share our thoughts with not just one person but with the world which makes us feel connected and not alone.  As we continue to discover new paths and realize that everything around us is constantly changing, leaving nothing permanent, we learn to value what is important and not what others believe is important for us.

Choices. Acceptance. Celebrate. 

Understanding the choices that we make and the possible consequences.  Why we make certain choices and how to be comfortable with our decisions.  Understanding the root of expectations, dissatisfaction and pretenses; and also learning to delve within ourselves in order see ourselves with the good and the bad and every single flaw. Realizing our strengths and then celebrating them.

What is means to have a voice, when and how to use it. The meaning of standing up even when alone, to fight for love and to win, to believe in ourselves and in those that we love and adore. To know with certainty what is real, what is important and what will not matter a few moments, hours and days from now, least of all in years to come.

To observe others, experiences, values and lessons, so join me on this journey of self-discovery and I hope to learn from you as well because that is how we continue to become better versions of ourselves and when we are better we make profound teachers and visionary leaders.

Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to meeting you!

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