What To Be Grateful For And How It Will Change Your Life

What Being Present and Grateful in My Life Taught Me

I always try to schedule in time for gratitude where I can sit in silence and give thanks for everything that I am and that which surrounds my life. For free flowing spiritual energy and a sense of being present in my moments but it doesn’t always happen that way because each day is different but I try to do it because I now understand the power of gratitude.

We live in a world where we learn to put ourselves first all the time through fighting for careers, wanting that next position, relationship, trip, car, being the best in everything we do and there are all these expectations that we have built around our lives which push us to want it all. I know that because I have been there and spent more time chasing than actually living and from my experience it’s a vicious circle.  You constantly have your back up because your world is surrounded by negative and vicious people and you learn to fight back. It becomes your life and we all know that when we practice something often enough it becomes what seems normal which in turn leaves very little room for anything positive, productive and happy.

There are also so many articles that tell us that we need to put ourselves first, we need to have it all and we take it to a whole new level and sometimes we even succeed and find that we are still unfulfilled, so we keep going, it’s like fighting a hamster in a wheel.

So what’s missing?

It’s easy to put yourself first but the challenge is to get rid of the ego and get out of your own way because it’s not about you.

Sometimes we are so busy fighting that we don’t realize that we are our own worst enemies. That we are in so deep we cannot see clearly. That we will not achieve anything worthwhile until we get out of our own way.

That’s where being present in my moments and practicing gratitude made the difference.  Gratitude taught me to be present because I was being thankful for the present not thinking of what I didn’t have or what I wanted to have, gratitude taught me to focus on the now. Saying thank you is not hard, we all say thank you all the time, but gratitude is more than a thank you.  It’s acknowledgement and it’s acceptance.  Gratitude is realizing your moments as they happen and there is something magical about being silently in the now.

What to be Grateful For

  1. For the pain and misfortune in our lives and the lessons it has taught us, the people it brought into our lives, the places it led us to and the healing, strength, courage and resilience it has taught us.
  2. Be grateful for the roughest times in your life because they teach us understanding and acknowledgement we perhaps never had.  Loss in my life of loved ones has taught me that love is sacred, that love is not just love, its precious and that to have the pleasure of receiving love from someone is a blessing of pure joy but to love someone back is courage.
  3. The roof over your head, where you go to sleep, for your meals, a glass of clean fresh water a bath the things you think are the bare essentials are only a dream for others.
  4. Your family, a good friend, a healthy environment, a job, your garden, the car you drive anything that makes your life just a little easier to mange.
  5. The driver who lets you in on traffic, the cleaner who helps you live in cleaner surroundings, a song that makes you feel, the sense of smell or taste, a message delivered to you that made you smile, for hugs and kisses, for sunshine on your face, the smell of the ocean and allowing yourself to recognize these things makes you present in your life, you become aware which allows gratitude and positive energy to flow.
  6. If you work from home, it’s a privilege, for the finances that allow you your lifestyle. Being grateful for finances makes us appreciate the financial freedom that money brings with it. Managing money well breeds abundance otherwise if you don’t know how to care for your finances why would the universe give you more?
  7. For having someone that loves and respects you. For partners, friends and children. For the privilege of conversation and support. For game nights, full dinner tables and plates, for the sound of laughter, for the sound of ‘I love you’s, for compassion and understanding. For the present moment.
  8. For waking up every morning.  Looking at someone or even outside and saying ‘Good Morning’, ‘Thank You’ and ‘Hello World!’
  9. For being able to recognize good in others. For knowing someone so well that you know when they hurt or are sad without them having to tell you. For being aware of not just yourself but of others too.
  10. Be grateful for your faith that you have whether it is in a religious or spiritual or other way. Having faith in life, in the process of life that things will work out and that you are an integral part of this life and what you bring with you will influence at least one other life.

What Gratitude Can Do For You

  1. It immediately shifts your mind into a positive place and whatever thoughts you now have will be more focused and positive
  2. You breathe easy. Taking deep breathes before responding to the day’s activities
  3. Gratitude allows you the pleasure of being present in your own life as opposed to skimming through it barely remembering what’s of value and what isn’t.
  4. Somehow it makes you see your problems as solvable and not as a ‘dead end’ A solution even though you don’t know which solution at the time, but it becomes a clearer vision, it becomes a possibility. The door is now open.
  5. Gratitude is Powerful. Opening up your heart, body and mind to a world of gratitude makes you feel the emotions and the wave of pure exhilarating energy flow through your body.
  6. You are able to respond with thought and clarity instead of haste. You become clear about what is and is not important which makes letting go of the clutter a lot easier.
  7. It gets rid of those toxic emotions because each time you are about to go down that path, gratitude has a gentle way of reminding us of the positive and of what will make us feel better even after we say it.
  8. We feel better about ourselves and in this turn builds our self esteem and confidence but not in an aggressive or arrogant way in a more appreciative way which shows in your approach and reaction to what happens to you throughout your day.
  9. Our thoughts are powerful, much more than we realize and we tend to react to our thoughts without filtering the positive and the negative and its not a fault because we have been doing it for so long we don’t realize its even happening.  Gratitude will slow this process down so that you have those few seconds between what comes to your mind and when you say it to ‘think’ and to ‘filter’.
  10. When you go to sleep that night you will undoubtedly rest easy and once more be grateful for the comforts that it brings with it.

Gratitude is not about saying thank you, it’s about saying thank you – Real Life in a Blog



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