1. Never allow anything or anyone to decide any part of your day and present mood. The power of what you do in this moment or how you react to someone or something is always in your hands.
  2. Believe in a cause greater than yourself.
  3. Live in a courageous way and conquer fear every step of the way.
  4. Always, always have hope and remember you don’t need to do it all today!
  5. Your mind is powerful but don’t let it make you powerless.
  6. Stress is not just a waste of time, it will also strangle any form of productivity so keep moving, keep doing, and keep taking action.
  7. Life is not a competition, don’t rush it.
  8. Forgive yourself.
  9. You are whole in mind, body and spirit
  10. Understand that your inner strength is the part of you that needs to be your life’s strongest foundation.
  11. Let it go. From negative people, influences, surroundings, what you read, listen to, entertain, to the tiny things like making the perfect dish, let it go.
  12. Nourish your mind not just your body.
  13. Focus on your present moment, on your surroundings and make a choice to see the positive.
  14. You are what you say, eat, pray, do and chase.
  15. Addiction is powerful because we let it be, we give it the power, and we have lost the battle before it begins because we have trained our minds to believe that.
  16. Renewed energy is clean energy so create the same in your mind about your well-being.
  17. You know of doubt and fear in the same way that you know of courage and strength – it’s what you choose and give power to.
  18. We all know that words make an impact but don’t ignore the power of silence especially when you are most tempted to speak. There will be nothing you wished you had never said.
  19. We all have faith in someone or something. Use it.
  20. Understand your individuality and its strengths. Learn how to mold them into your life’s purpose.
  21. Laughter is happiness. Don’t suppress it.
  22. Create and inspire, if not yourself then someone else.
  23. Take a walk, it will change your life!
  24. Try something new at least once, read a book, visit a library, a museum, watch a sunrise, wait up for the stars, watch the raindrops on the window, feel the warmth of your coffee mug, the sensation of a sip of whisky, an espresso in the mornings, watch the storm, live a little better.
  25. Instead of paying to go into a concert, have dinner at a nearby restaurant and listen to the music from afar, listen to the people’s cheers, watch the fireworks, live a little better.


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