There are thousands of articles on how to be fearless, you would think that we would have gotten the message by now and how easy it is but we haven’t, why is that?

We either have told ourselves that we don’t want or need it or we know of it but cannot get there, the latter being the greater.  We all know someone who does crazy adventures which to them seems absolutely normal, or so we think, because even though they may appear fearless they also have to talk themselves into a fearless place.  Its the like the quote or saying we have all heard;  if you don’t want to do something no one can make you and if you want to do something no one can stop you.  There are motivational speakers who still have to prep themselves minutes before they address an audience, the same with everyone really, comedians alike. Yet all we see is the confident sunshine approach of courage.

Now why is it that the courageous club involves just a mere minority?


  1. They have no fear to take action
  2. They want something bigger and will do whatever it takes to get there
  3. They have already seen the big picture
  4. They know what their lives are going to look like and they are like beasts to get it
  5. Nothing and no one will stop them
  6. They work on their courage more that they work on their fears
  7. They will succeed and they already know that
  8. They feed and nurture their minds and their souls
  9. They believe in themselves
  10. They understand the battle of fear and courage and they know that in order for them to win they have to stay on top. That the battle is not just one time, not just one day, but every day.  That it resurfaces and that their state of fearless courage must always be stronger than their state of fear.

That is courage. That is being fearless.

I wrote a small yet powerful booklet  on 25 Real Life Tips – When Life Turns The Wrong Side Up – Because It Does and in this ebooklet each of those topics prepares us for these emotions which can make or break us. I also referred to it as a stupid crazy courage because that what it takes to be fearless or to dare to be.

Fear is not something that we can allow to control us if we have bigger dreams not just for ourselves but the ones around us, for the word around us. Life demands it of us. Think of it as a survival mechanism and as a life skill.  This is not a question of wanting success or not, because to be fearless is used in every approach of our lives.

Remembering when I was in a situation of complete and utter horror, when you go sleep and all is well? And then you wake up and its not really?  Then the days that follow you wonder whether you are still in a dream? Except that you are not? That is when I learnt about the power of being fearless.  Its all you have.

5 Simple Questions To Ask Yourself When You Want To Succeed

  1. Do you really want it?
  2. Are you prepared to do whatever it takes?
  3. How strong is your mind to get you there?
  4. Is it a battle of you and the lion or is the lion in you?
  5. What will you feed your mind every day until you get there?

There are many things that we expect of ourselves and there is much written about on how we should be, and most of it is true, we just have to work on the ones that we need a lot harder and not use up our energy on the ones that will not serve us.  Everyone has some fear of something and its human nature to want to override that fear or push it aside but it resurfaces.  Understanding what we are up against is gracious but not knowing what we are up against is dangerous so taking one step of fearlessness at a time is a step toward succeeding in the battle of fear and courage.


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