You Are Who You Are


Fundamentally we are the same people we were the day that we are born. Yes some of us having amazing transformations and some even variations of that. However our characters and personalities are just that, a mirror of ourselves. Most of the time, especially when you are young, you will go through endless measures to change, convert, escape all that you are, and all this, based on society and the demands of it. Honestly, the ways of the world really do have their way with the innocent, the young, the naive and the desperate.

For one, I do not miss those times in my life, as ageing does have its benefits. One of those is being able to  sincerely and consciously make an effort to choose my battles, for I am wise enough to know, that if I do not choose my battles, they will surely choose me, every single round.

With all that aside, I am a firm believer that change really is temporary and that too, shall pass.  People will try to be different, they may even have you believe that they are who they are, and this they can do for many years, but we always go back to who we really are.

No misunderstanding, perhaps you are reading this and thinking, that’s not true because you yourself have changed or know someone who has successfully managed to change as well as sustain the change. Congratulations, because you are the minority in the real world.

To everyone else, especially the young, the innocent, the naive and the desperate, remain true to thine own self, because that is all that matters in this life. I don’t necessarily have a problem with people wanting to change for the better because that is growth and growth is essential. The outside layers of who we are often change, you grow taller, you grow thinner, your bank account gets larger, or not, better jobs, houses, tighter abs, rounder bodies, short hair, red hair, gorgeous skin etc those are the outer layers of who we are, that is not what I am talking about here, that is just life happening.

Fundamentally, character, personality, spirit, individualism is who we are. Those are the things that never change.  One of the greatest lessons is that acceptance of yourself is a priceless gift. For while you have all your outer layers on, in an air conditioned room, all will be well, but it is when life grills you by the knees, that you are forced to a position of prayer, that, is when you find out who you really are, and ‘what’ remains true to you, not so much ‘who’ remains true to you as in ‘what’ remains true to you.  Devotion? Compassion? Love? Inner strength? Character? Persistence? Can you go the distance if need be?

With your spirit, faith and strength in tact your true self will never let you down.

“If you do not choose your battles, they will surely choose you, every single round. – reallifeinablog.com


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