You Are Your Own Positive Force

Nothing is going to be any different today, this week,  next month or ever – if you do not turn the switch in your mind, from OFF to ON, from NEGATIVE to POSITIVE, from NEUTRAL to INVOLVED. A great amount of time is spent in awful silence, deciding, analysing, complaining, angry, depressed, frustrated, waiting, hoping – […]

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LIVE A LITTLE BETTER AND A LITTLE LIGHTER Never allow anything or anyone to decide any part of your day and present mood. The power of what you do in this moment or how you react to someone or something is always in your hands. Believe in a cause greater than yourself. Live in a […]

What To Be Grateful For And How It Will Change Your Life

What Being Present and Grateful in My Life Taught Me I always try to schedule in time for gratitude where I can sit in silence and give thanks for everything that I am and that which surrounds my life. For free flowing spiritual energy and a sense of being present in my moments but it […]

How To Let Go Of Negative Thoughts – 10 Authentic Ways

  Letting Go Of Negative Thoughts In 10 Authentic Ways Everyone is anxious. To some point we are all anxious about something, someone or an event. If your thoughts are playing havoc with you then you are not alone. Although I understand that it is completely normal for us to have both rational and irrational, […]


BOLD AND FEARLESS There are thousands of articles on how to be fearless, you would think that we would have gotten the message by now and how easy it is but we haven’t, why is that? We either have told ourselves that we don’t want or need it or we know of it but cannot […]


It’s not often that I make time to stop and smell the roses, but when I do, life has a different meaning. I know that I should make more of an effort to do those simple, the doing nothing things, instead of being caught up in a world of lets see how much you can […]


Who dares to make you put your dreams on hold? We all have an idea of how our lives should be. We all have a dream or goal of where we see ourselves and then we get dressed up and we stand in front of ourselves, blocking the view. We stand in front of ourselves […]


It took a very long time for me to understand the value of letting go. I was missing out on a wealth of happiness and a very large portion of living, by holding on – not only to the people and events from the past but also everything that was current in my life at that […]

Peace and Justice Award

This award promotes peace and justice and I am very excited about receiving it because in a perfect world everything would balance therefore I am intent on “give justice when justice is due“ so without much rambling on about how much I love you for reading my blog, comments and likes – I simply would like to accept with […]

Inner Peace Award

The mystery of blogging or doing something you love is that you never think of any type of reward do you?  There is nothing quite like it, doing something you love and utterly enjoy and then being rewarded for it – in blogging the reward is to know that someone is reading your content and comments […]

Writing In Chaos

  Before I lose this flow of energy I need to write my story Too many distractions, must close the door, get up and close the door  In just a moment, I don’t want to lose this flow of energy and I may forget the word or words Footsteps approaching down the hallway I told […]

Full Circle

  If you believe anything in this life, believe this, that everything is connected. I met a little boy many years ago, he was five years old at the time and rather inconsequential to me as I had troubles of my own, being in a foreign country, and was swimming in an ocean much too […]

There is Power in Gratitude

If we worked as hard on gratitude as we do trying to achieve things we would be happier people.  Our lives are brimming with experiences, challenges, accomplishments, failures, successes, pain, sorrow, joy, love, disappointments and with no lack of an edge to everything. We are bold through these experiences or rather should be because they grow […]

Quiet Frustrations

There are many lives being led in quiet frustration. Those who look happy and say they are yet have no idea where it is all going. How often do you find yourself in a situation where you have no idea where you are going with your life yet you are in something that every day […]

Happy Factors For A Happy Life – 10 Of The Best!

  Life is hard enough without us always stressing about everything and its so important for us to forget about the challenges even for a moment and simply try to take life much less seriously.   Below are some simple reminders which are 100% authentic, happy, elements and I hope they that can help you also. One […]


  “I wondered why somebody didn’t do something, then I realized, I am somebody” – Unknown “Let’s teach that loving isn’t always loving. Like when you loved the hamster so much that it died. Some adults do that too. Too much, the wrong way. These are ‘Stay away’ zones on your body. These are ‘Stay […]

Insufferable Love

He has lost control and it’s all a gory mess. He involuntary tugs into the younger man, throws him a furious fist in the face, strikes at him, it is clear he cannot stop, and the rate at which his hand is hurling out these vicious blows to this almost useless body  is but a microsecond. As […]

Blessed and Grateful

I am braver than brave today, for I have walked a mile or 2 or 3. But it was the sun glistening on the ocean, the ships at sea, the seagulls all in place, the waves crashing gently on the rocks, the old, the young, the middle aged, the ones pushing prams driven by determination, […]

Living Your Purpose

We are so busy worrying about what our purpose in life is that we forget to live. Our purpose is our life. The way in which you discover your passion defines your purpose in a more photographed vision and even in a shorter space of time  but don’t forget to live along the way. Not  everyone finds their […]

A Schooled Immune

Weak if not strengthened, starved if not fed, frozen in regrets of yesterday, that is what happens to the heart and soul of you when not willed by a strong immune. An immune built from love, the love of yourself, for yourself, it fuels the inside being. There are some things that you don’t learn at school. […]

Emotionally Immature Relationships

Being An Adult Does Not Automatically Qualify You as Emotionally Mature Just because you are an adult, doesn’t mean that your emotionally mature. Fully grown adults, millionaires, and business people, losing their minds over the smallest of incidents and people call it stress?  Yes maybe so, but what about emotional immaturity? Emotional control or strategy, […]

How To Display Award Side Panels – 10 Easy Steps

  10 Easy Steps How To Display Award Side Panels Click on the sponsor page (the person who nominated you) So for example: click on Rays of Sunshine Award Post Now click on the actual Sunshine Award image (it immediately opens up another page with just the image, leave it open) Open another tab to […]

WordPress Sunshine Award

Posting this Sunshine Award on a gloomy day because when you receive one of these you are a ray of sunshine through your blog and that’s enough for me so Thank You Kindly to fellow blogger Sue Jones –  It Goes On – I cannot tell you enough that would be justifiable about Sue, you have to actually […]

Letting Go of Our Pain

The Art of Letting Go Just as we are told to forgive and move on, we are also told to just it go, only if the art of forgiveness and letting go was that simple there wouldn’t be a need for us to try to disentangle our feelings.  There it is again, the word feelings and […]

Love Obsession

Love Obsession Intoxicating, suffocating, a hint of tasteful passion Fire and death, this love we share, on constant rapid heat Set me free, set us free, it’s in the cards our lifelong love Fighting life, fighting back, our constant losing battle We don’t belong, we do belong, we’re in each other’s blood Pure love and penalties, […]

A Tune of her Own

Something about the silence, she’s  loud and clear. In the day, the sun shines bright, the sound of people and traffic humming in the background, children screeching as their tiny bodies splash into the water, its a joyous festive occasion and the sights are breathtaking almost everywhere you look, but there is nothing quite like […]


  When Giving Up Is Not An Option You do not discuss it. Therefore you do not invite any doubt or negative energy. It’s not open for discussion It becomes your only desire and when you desire something you will fight for it You will accept the challenges because you are focused You will live […]

Four Blogger Awards? A week-end of Gratitude

Loving Our Blog   No sooner had I published my post The Awards Ceremony where I had the privilege in nominating fellow bloggers when I receive yet another Versatile Blogger Award from a fellow blogger THE OPINIATOR who believes me worthy of this award, this is a humbling weekend filled with gratitude and my love for writing. […]

The Awards Ceremony

Irrespective of how big or small life favours you, gratitude is what life seeks therefore you should give nothing less, in return. Without question, thank you to the person who thought I deserved these nominations. In Loving Memory Of Jody Ann Bales whose blog is as real with words and as honest in body as […]


The Courage Club There are thousands of articles on how to be fearless, you would think that we would have gotten the message by now and how easy it is but we haven’t, why is that? We either have told ourselves that we don’t want or need it or we know of it but cannot […]

The Voice Inside My Head

This quote is excellent because its frightfully true, except what we need to also understand is that in order for us to achieve that kind of beneficial, soul experience of solitude that will bring you to the truth and the right choices, then we also need to take into account that we will be delving into […]

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Don't Give Up

You have to keep reinventing yourself to find the passion within you so don’t give up, be kind to yourself and when people say, ‘if you haven’t found it keep going’ that much is true because its a journey to where you want to be. Believe in yourself with great spirit that you know you […]

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

GIVING OURSELVES PERMISSION TO NOT BE OKAY AS WE JOURNEY TOWARDS HEALING I know that I am as guilty of this as the next person perhaps is about always beating up on ourselves for not having it ‘together’ but I think there are many of us who don’t give ourselves a break at all. We try […]

Watch You Dance

How I love to watch you dance, as though I didn’t love you enough already, your body so strong movements of quiet determination. You seem to loose your fight with life, carefree and new, your dance being your only motivation. Its in your soul which glides across the floor and as I watch you in this […]

Unbreakable Love

You know I’m sick to death of you but try as I may I cant get away from you Who said anyway that we were meant to be? Who is to say that we should not meet for a while and then move right along?   The moments of a while, how long is a while exactly? […]


Assumptions There is power in persistence whether you choose to see it that way or not. Once people are successful we make a habit of measuring them by the cars they drive, the clothes they wear or by their lifestyle.  We don’t know what it took for them to get there, what they had to […]


Trainers are paid to motivate you to train harder or lose weight, people around you can push you to be better at what it is you are trying to achieve, glossy magazines at your disposal do a very fine job in the motivation department of your life, its more like a marketing strategy on how […]

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You Are Who You Are

Fundamentally we are the same people we were the day that we are born. Yes some of us having amazing transformations and some even variations of that. However our characters and personalities are just that, a mirror of ourselves. Most of the time, especially when you are young, you will go through endless measures to […]


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