How To Display Award Side Panels – 10 Easy Steps


10 Easy Steps How To Display Award Side Panels

  1. Click on the sponsor page (the person who nominated you)
  2. So for example: click on Rays of Sunshine Award Post
  3. Now click on the actual Sunshine Award image (it immediately opens up another page with just the image, leave it open)
  4. Open another tab to your blog
  5. Now go to your Dashboard. Appearances. Widgets.
  6. Scroll down and look for the “image” widget and drag it to the right panel of dashboard
  7. Place your cursor on the name image and click to open it
  8. Widget title, (first block) type in Sunshine Award (name of the award)
  9. Copy and paste the URL from the image that you opened from Die Trying Sunshine Award
  10. Paste that URL into the second widget block that says “image URL”  Press save.

Now go to your blog and refresh, it should be there.

You can also move all those widgets to where you want them on your blog by holding your cursor on the widget (in your dashboard, widgets page) and dragging them one at a time to where you want, then let go and save.




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