How To Let Go Of Negative Thoughts – 10 Authentic Ways


Letting Go Of Negative Thoughts In 10 Authentic Ways

Everyone is anxious. To some point we are all anxious about something, someone or an event.

If your thoughts are playing havoc with you then you are not alone. Although I understand that it is completely normal for us to have both rational and irrational, positive and negative thoughts, there are those little persistent voices that wont go away until they pounce on you and sometimes even before you get anxious.

A very long time ago I remember that I would constantly have the quiet banter of my mind over the silliest of things, and this is one example: nothing much had happened on that day but I was happy. It’s good to be happy right? Then why did I feel guilty of my happy state? I was having myself a very good laugh and I was in really good spirits when suddenly I found myself stopping for just a moment and saying ‘whats wrong with you, stop now, get through your work” – except that it wasn’t me at all, it was my mind playing tricks on me again.

Automatically my body pulled toward itself in a way, like regaining composure of itself.  I stood there for just a while, I didn’t want to lose my train of thought, I knew that I had to catch it.  Why do I do that? Why do I allow that to happen? What power I had given my mind that I had gotten to a point where now my brain would tell me that you cannot be happy and that’s just a happy command, can you imagine the horrible commands? What then? Before I knew it there were negative thoughts gently passing through my mind. I was allowing my mind control over the little things, but those little things were every day and over time those little things turned into years of unnoticeable habit and naturally they became the big things and eventually the big things became everything, which was my life.  It had to stop. That much I was certain of.

How To Learn To Gain Control of Your Thoughts

  1. Become aware of your thoughts.  The minute that voice or thought creeps up on you, open your eyes, recognize it and stop it. Don’t push it away. Face it and chase it out. If you have to physically put up your hand and stop it then do that.  Know when that negative energy is entering and cut it now.
  2. Do something else because it takes you away from the actual event that is happening in your head. Remember you have to re-route your mind.  It’s like moving your furniture around after a while and then suddenly you have to sit in another chair and it all feels different and for a couple of days you may want to revisit that chair but you know that you should not so you don’t. Practice with the brain too and make a mental shift in your mind. Imagine the shift happening.
  3. Be very clear about what is positive and what is negative. I really do believe that we all know the difference but sometimes it may be easier and more comfortable to repeatedly return to the same place or to go down the same route knowing all the while that it is horrific.  You have a choice and if you keep beating on your choices then you cannot expect a different result. Rewire the brain.
  4. Understand that the world is not only beautiful and that there is positive and negative in every situation especially the mind.  Differentiate your thoughts into good and bad, we have all been taught that from childhood so close the door to negative thoughts, every time not just one time.
  5. You have to look at the thought that you are thinking and recognize its negativity and then tell yourself that its not for you, its for someone else.  We have no control over our life events and the people we meet along the way, those things pass through our minds whether we like or not, but we do however have the choice on whom we invite to stay and who we shut the door on.
  6. When negative thoughts visit we have to be extremely vigilant and use our mindful power because we can. Negativity is looking for someone and it is not me, that is what you have to believe and tell yourself.  You are here. You are real. You are happy. Separate yourself from negative thoughts, people and events.
  7. Stop listening. The thought, the voice the idea. Stop entertaining.
  8. You know the disruption of negative thoughts, they lead to negative action, they lead to more negative thoughts and sleepless nights and before you know it, you are have a problem. Everything that we are is who we make ourselves to be. We are our present self, right here right now and what we make with this moments negative thought will be habitual so be aware that it is a positive move.
  9. Obsession allows negative thoughts. When we become obsessed about anything there is room for anxiety and negativity, so best we dump obsession right now. We can be obsessed in relationships, in eating and well pretty much everything but once you allow that one thing all your energy then you have very little left to work with in re-wiring your thoughts because we become so obsessed with what he/she said or did, what we ate for dinner, that we ate too much, that we exercised too little, that I should have done this or that, so many examples – that before we know it, its our life with little room for shutting the door.
  10. From the little things to the big things, from the quiet voices to the loud ones, negativity has no positive in it. The message may not always be clear to us but its delivery soon becomes crystal clear. Know and understand that. Know and understand that there is is no hopeful positive in it. Understand that there are positive and negative forces everywhere and it is up to us to know the difference ad to do something positive about it.

Yes, the mind is powerful, I agree that once you give up control it becomes more of a challenge to regain the strength of your conscious mind but I also believe in inner strength, that’s what my blog is built on because this has been my life.  Our inner strength and our hearts are not as loud as the mind but just as or even more powerful so use them.  In one of my posts I spoke about not depending on or chasing motivation because sometimes motivation is not there when you really need it so rather depend on your own inner strength.  You will find in my simple yet powerful ebooklet tips on how to hold on to not just our sanity but tips to build our inner core.

I believe in persistence, in inner strength, in a positive mind but most of all I believe in love because love nurtures our bodies, our hearts and our minds.


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