You Are Stronger Than You Think – 5 Simple Ways to Find The Power Within

How often after loss or what we think is failure, have we looked to exercise, food, mediation, magazines, friends, family or even someone else’s lifestyle for inspiration just to fail yet again and start the whole process all over?  This not only breaks downs our self esteem but is also emotionally exhausting which is not at all what we wanted to begin with.

So what we doing wrong?

Outside forces are what we all tend to look at when we are looking for a change of inspiration to take us to the next step.

Do they help?  Yes they do. Is it sustainable? Perhaps, but this is what I thought I would share with you today.

No matter how much outside motivation you get and no matter how many times you are told the same thing, if you do not turn that internal key from inside of you to let the inner strength empower the outer part of you, nothing will happen.

Just Do It – Really? 

Its very easy to say to someone “Why don’t you just walk in and ask?”  “Why don’t you just tell her/him?” “Why can’t you just leave?” and we ask this with such an easy flow, but to the other person it is not always that easy because they have a fear of something in them that is bigger than their need.  So sometime just do it or a walk in the park is just not enough.

Empower Yourself With Silence

There is power within all of us but sometimes we are not aware of our own power.

Being unaware of our own strengths influences us to not live the life that we truly deserve to live because we so busy looking elsewhere.

If you are not going after what you want, and are allowing friends, past events and society to hold you back,  then try to find the silence from within to help you understand your own journey. Sometime we hold ourselves back.  In certain situations we also tend to look for things to hold us back.  It’s very much like walking through life picking up all the dirt, all the negative energy and stumbling blocks to subconsciously hold ourselves back.  Allowing an underlying fear to lead the way for us without even being aware.

It takes time, quiet time and countless ruthless conversations with yourself to reach a place where you refuse to stand in your own way. Where you refuse to pay any attention to the outside factors and where you are determined to dig deep within.  Many of us talk too much and are too busy, yet for others, silence and commitment has allowed them to turn that inside key from chaos to a more focused and productive stillness.

A place of focus allows us to live our own lives because we all want to live out our  true purpose.  No one wants to live an entire lifetime only to realize that it was not really their journey but the journey of someone else through influences.  These footprints should be yours not someone else’s. A message is measured not by its size but by its impact.

Inner Power and How To Find It

Inner Power or Inner Strength is used by everyone everyday in some or other form to achieve the things that they want in this world. The labels come in different packages but the determination, will and force all comes from a place that they have created within.

We all want something no matter how small or big, no matter your definition of success and happiness, everyone wants something.  So what do you want and how can you identify and achieve it?

As promised…..how do we pull from everything that I have written in this post and move forward?


1  Recognize and Identify Your Want

Sometimes we know what we want but we haven’t yet recognized it and when it comes to the surface through conversation or something we’ve read somewhere, we keep ignoring it. So recognize it and accept your want by welcoming it first.

2.  Make A Decision and Promise To Yourself

This is not a trial run or an experiment, this is your life, so be dedicated in wanting to build your inner powers.

3.  Remember Where You Come From

Remember how your world was interrupted? That is something that I had very clear vision of and until I did not recognize the events that brought me to my knees and acknowledge that it had happened I was unable to make a clear decision for my future. It is from that place of pain and destruction that you are able to find your inner power.

4.  Balance your Inner Strength with Outer Motivation

For me I had to do something outside of my circle and away from my claustrophobic position.  We all have a different way of leveling out the pain but I think the best way to do this is to become creative in something other than the immediate situation.  Exercise, volunteer or meditate in order to help you see things from outside.

5.  Believe in your Strength. Believe in Yourself.

You can do this and you know that you can otherwise you would not be here reading this.  Use your past as your stepping stone. Think about how you got through your roughest moments and believe that you are worthy, unbreakable and unstoppable.

And remember…..

Inner strength is claimed through adversity and it is normally through that time in our lives that we begin to understand and become so aware of our inside powers.


We have all had setbacks or life altering moments, those where life literally brings you to your knees, and in those circumstances, you survived. You did that. You made it through and even though it takes a lifetime to bounce back, or in some cases, drag ourselves back, the point is that you did it and you are here.  Now is the time to take those strengths that brought you to survival mode and kick start them into whatever you want to achieve in your life.  You have all the tools and no one can teach them to you, you have to reawaken yourself from inside.

“A message is measured not by its size but by its impact” – Are you standing in your own way? – Real Life in a Blog

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