A Schooled Immune

Weak if not strengthened, starved if not fed, frozen in regrets of yesterday, that is what happens to the heart and soul of you when not willed by a strong immune. An immune built from love, the love of yourself, for yourself, it fuels the inside being.

There are some things that you don’t learn at school.  The things that only life will teach you, but its always good be just a little prepared. The most important emotional strategy of life, I believe, is to have the skillful knowledge of being able to build and invest on your inner self.  That, sadly is not taught, but it should be, as developing a solid inner core is what will determine your edge in life in almost every situation you encounter, more so than your physical strength. It is the will from inside that matters most. 

Experience has shown us all that when life turns the wrong side up, your concerns of an excruciating ache of any kind, will surely be the least of our problems.  So, my belief is that if you build on the inside you become stronger on the outside.  

However, each time you think that you are past the worst and it cant get any worse, sometimes you may be right, but at other times, you are not, and when you are not, that is precisely the time that life will exhaust all of you, your will power, your motivation, everything you learned, everything you have been told, practiced as well as the things you set mental reminders for, those will not even enter the corner of your mind.

What will pull you through is your inner strength, that which no one sees, that which only you can feed or starve.  The many times I have been face to face with life and its arrival of challenges, it has never been the outside world and its glorified advice, it has always been just me and the inside of me, my faith and that is all.  You cannot depend on anything else, not even people, for they are fickle too, or they will let you down and disappoint even if not from their own free will, therefore it is then, when all other motivation and trust fails you that your true edge of character and strength will either shine or not at all. 

Unless you have some essential ingredients that you have stored on the inside like courage and faith but even they become a challenge without passion, so whatever you enter into willingly, should be with passion, so that you are able to withstand the storm when it arrives because with passion, courage and faith blend in with not much effort at all.  I like to call it, the real you, the inner core of you, the part that makes up all of you, the part that makes up you entire body, mind and physical strength, its there, somewhere inside of you.

 It is a simple life exercise which needs to be invested in before it becomes a life lesson which we prefer to call experience when in fact, all it really was, is a toxic, undernourished inner core. 

Strengthen the immune of the heart as you would that of the body, for it will starve to death otherwise –  A Schooled Immune, Real Life in a Blog


Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.” – Anais Nin

“The sun shines not on us but in us.”  – John Muir

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