A Tune of her Own

Something about the silence, she’s  loud and clear.

In the day, the sun shines bright, the sound of people and traffic humming in the background, children screeching as their tiny bodies splash into the water, its a joyous festive occasion and the sights are breathtaking almost everywhere you look, but there is nothing quite like the silence, she speaks the loudest.

Its one thirty in the morning, they’ve all gone back into hiding, to their homes and parked venues. Quiet. Not a sound. I can hear it, the tune she sings. A couple  walking near the waters edge,  their arms into each other, they lovers naturally, I admire but soon my eyes are stolen by her white cover that gently splashes on the rocks. Its the colour white that catches my eye in the midst of night with just the sound of her echoing thrust.  She is crystal clear and so is her pounding against the tiny rocks. What a sight of white echoing on a magical night. Not far behind, stand three ships, good distance apart, glorified in light, they seem to be parked for the night with no plans to depart.

No sound of traffic, no voices and no screeching children, just me, the ships and this glorious ocean. Some may call it lonely, I call it living in gratitude as sometimes all the buzz can be overrated, much of a nothing really, chaos and confusion with some distant memories.  My mind sends the bedtime signal, I cant get away, she calls my name, I stay for just a moment longer.

Morning has come, they stand in line for another day of sunshine and joyful screeches, ice cream and pancakes too.  Colour coded umbrellas make for a colourful view, cant deny that day and night each holds its own magic and that I am blessed to witness them both. Cant wait for her visit tonight, when once again, I see the silence when they have all packed up, and gone away, much a like a ship on its way.

“For most of history, man has had to fight nature to survive; in this century he is beginning to realize that, in order to survive, he must protect it.”  – Jacques-Yves Cousteau 

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