Love Yourself and Never Feel Powerless

Love yourself first even when you feel like nothing is real in your life anymore, feeling positive with a positive attitude and repeating positive affirmations on your journey to being everything you know you were meant to be.  Embrace your story no matter what it is or how painful it might be, and loving yourself unconditionally through the healing process is the beginning of everything that you will require to be whatever you might have been in this life, so never give up, be fearless with a strong heart, fight for you because you are worth it.

None of us is without a story. We all have something to share with someone else, the world or perhaps just ourselves. We may have experienced dysfunctional relationships with partners, families, our self-esteem may be below zero, we have had health challenges, whatever your story is, its important. The power comes from us moving forward one moment at a time and how we do that is nothing more than with time.  You can’t rush it, it comes when the time is right, but healing does arrive.

Never lose hope. You can always get closer to whatever you dreams might have been. Start with loving yourself unconditionally and that means going through the healing process no matter the odds because you are worth it.

Simply because something is ‘old to our ears’ or ‘heard that before’ doesn’t mean that we cannot believe in it with a little more gusto!

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” George Eliot

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