Emotionally Immature Relationships

Being An Adult Does Not Automatically Qualify You as Emotionally Mature

Just because you are an adult, doesn’t mean that your emotionally mature. Fully grown adults, millionaires, and business people, losing their minds over the smallest of incidents and people call it stress?  Yes maybe so, but what about emotional immaturity?

Emotional control or strategy, teach or learn at least one. The imbalance of emotional immaturity shows up each time you are presented with slight inconvenience and that inconvenience can come in the form of jealousy, fear, disappointment and more.  Some have it, some don’t.  It takes practice and strength to overcome and a whole of love around you.  When you watch someone unable to control their emotions you are at a lost for words to console or understand because it happens so quickly.  Its like watching something unravel before your eyes in seconds and not knowing what, how and when.

Chances are, the lack of control they have over their emotions has been affected by their environment. Strange how we never think of a persons maturity levels or how we are never are aware of the tell tale signs when we fall in love with someone, why is that? Oh yes, love is blind. We take it for granted along with everything else, as though we were ordering a meal.

Being with someone that is emotionally immature is extremely exhausting.

 They are selfish, inconsiderate, arrogant and blame all their failures on everyone around them except themselves, either a situation or person but they do not take responsibility for their failures, they do however, seek great praise each time they have achieved something, which more than often is at the expense of somebody else. They want to control everything around them whether they can or whether they cannot, they will control things to suit themselves and make you believe that they are doing you a great favour. They are the worlds best manipulators, its almost like a skill. They lack the basic understanding of acceptance and will turn a situation around to suit themselves at any cost, that’s the act of a selfish person. Lying naturally plays a large role in this behaviour, it must, because to manipulate you must change the rules slightly right?

When someone is in this state of denial they have won the war or so they believe because they have convinced themselves that they are right and believe in themselves only.

 They cannot and will not accept what they don’t want irrespective of the consequences it may cause. They would rather manipulate and lie to stay in the relationship rather than allow you the freedom of choice to leave because its called respect and freedom which allows the other person the right to leave, but because they are emotionally immature, they feel threatened, they feel afraid and to them, this seems a loss of which they can no longer control and that will cause them to act out in childlike fashion.

If you tell them you have a headache, they always have a bigger headache. For example, they will ask ‘how did you sleep? and you better have had a good sleep because dare you say anything else they will be telling you how little they slept and how tired they are. You will notice that people like this almost never listen. While you talk, they are waiting to respond and most of the time they don’t have the emotional maturity to let you finish.

I am always surprised at how so much emphasis is given to certain subjects in our life which hold little value to some of the most fundamental stable emotions, which ultimately give us the maturity to handle everything else we encounter through this journey of self. I am convinced that this starts from the time you are a child, when you always get what you want, when you say jump and the parent says how high? When you leave home before you are emotionally ready to deal with the world. There are many reasons we could come up, where it comes from or the cause, regardless, it is not something that comes with a handbook, yet remains the definition of ones character and how it affects your relationships around you is really the unjust part.


Even though you may not agree with me, or you may know someone like this and may love them anyway, that in itself can be called courage but you  need to understand that it will take a lot more than courage to deal with an emotionally immature person because their problems stem from a deeper place, and in some cases will take years of intensive therapy or an unconditional love.

“We don’t all paint using the same brush. Find what works for you”
Emotionally Immature Relationships – Real Life in a Blog

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