Full Circle



If you believe anything in this life, believe this, that everything is connected.

I met a little boy many years ago, he was five years old at the time and rather inconsequential to me as I had troubles of my own, being in a foreign country, and was swimming in an ocean much too large for this heart of mine. The better part of me appreciated that he would spend time with my children who were older and younger than him. I remember giving them a box of Jenga every evening when he would come over and visit with his family or colorful pick up sticks to occupy their minds.  I never saw him or his family again and never thought I ever would so imagine me staring at this twenty two year old young man in my kitchen yesterday wondering what in the world happened that he finds himself here, in my home, and even though I understand his young and wants to travel, see the world, I cant help but do some wondering of my own and how things are always connected.  

Moral of this snippet:  

  • Don’t worry too much
  • Believe that everything certainly happens for a reason
  • Understand that you do not know anything and for every bad thing that happens there is good that will come out of it, irrespective of how bad or how long that journey may be
  • You control and know nothing for certain.
  • No matter what, believe and know that without a shadow of doubt your good in this world, is always recognized.
  • That to love in all its form, is by far the greatest honor of life itself.
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