There is Power in Gratitude

If we worked as hard on gratitude as we do trying to achieve things we would be happier people.  Our lives are brimming with experiences, challenges, accomplishments, failures, successes, pain, sorrow, joy, love, disappointments and with no lack of an edge to everything. We are bold through these experiences or rather should be because they grow and strengthen us. For this alone, we must be grateful.

Whether you think you have nothing or whether you think you have everything, to wake up every day and say ‘thank you’ can fiercely change your life for the better.

I don’t know why gratitude is so effective in our lives, but it is.  When I traveled and could not speak the languages thank you never needed to be understood it was an understood appreciation and it was powerful and it remains that way. Being in a state of gratitude is not always easy for everyone, depending on where you are in your life but deciding to choose it every day determines the rest of that day everyday.

Somehow, somewhere, there is a force greater than us all and for each of us, that force is different but the power of gratitude continues to flow and if you live through it, with it and by it, it has the power to change your circumstances into a more positive situation.

Five Simple Reasons To Practice Gratitude 

  1. Gratitude strengthens our emotional state
  2. Gratitude is love, happiness and acceptance
  3. Gratitude builds our self esteem
  4. Gratitude makes us sleep better and increases our productivity
  5. Gratitide builds on an abundant life

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others – Marcus Tullius Cicero

Why do some people move onto better things while other people don’t seem to move forward at all? 

Whatever we are working towards, the process for most of us is never really instant gratification even though we may want that.  Continuous dedication is what we give and when we don’t get that we start questioning or giving up.  Complaining about our situation is neither healthy nor an option because that will only frustrate us more and not bring any solutions right?

Thinking and talking about it constantly only escalates into so many other ares of our lives and before we realize it is now keeping us up at night. Not a solution.

How many times have we created a storm in our lives without realizing it and then wonder why we are unlucky or not as fortunate as someone else perhaps?

Until we focus on the negative, on the emptiness, on the not having we will continue to stay in the negative empty spaces of our lives without having anything of what we want. The things we really want we can have if we simply understand that our thoughts really are magnetic and draw us closer to whatever it is we choose to focus on.

In relationships we can be most unfulfilled when we are either looking at our partners faults or have expectations of happiness through any materialistic measure.  We have to fall madly in love with ourselves first before expect anybody to fall in love with us. When we fall in love with  ourselves we begin to see our self worth, respectability and most of all loving ourselves fiercely strengthens our emotional state.

Living in a state of Gratitude

I believe with all my being that gratitude is indeed the parent of all virtues. It is all that is good in you, wrapped up in gratitude. Respect of yourself and others, it is love, kindness, acceptance and courage.  The five reasons to practice gratitude above means living in a state of gratitude which elevates our emotions.

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.” – Meister Eckhart

Examples of simple inconveniences that can change through appreciation and gratitude 

you stuck in traffic, instead of being edgy, find time to look around you and take it all in, you not only protect your health from a form of anxiety, you may even strike the creative part of you from whats around you.  

your plane is delayed, read something, go and get a coffee or water, you may make a new friend/business colleague that you would not have ordinarily met if you were arguing and questioning the staff attendants about the delay. Gratitude for the affordability to fly and maybe for the person you are on your way to see. 

your partner has decided to leave you but after you’ve had your moment of glory, say thank you, this may be exactly what you needed to re-evaluate your life and choices once again Gratitude for the experience

you lose your job – maybe you need to find out what you really want to do with your life and start doing that instead even if that was what you wanted to do, its clearly served its purpose and its time Gratitude for the things you learnt they may be what you will need tomorrow

I believe that both good and bad things happen to everyone, that’s just life. Its how we choose to deal with the situation in which we find ourselves that defines us. To find a reason to say thank you is not always easy, but is essential for our growth. 

“Gratitude gives us the power to value our worth” – Real Life in Blog – Gratitude is Power

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