It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

I know that I am as guilty of this as the next person perhaps is about always beating up on ourselves for not having it ‘together’ but I think there are many of us who don’t give ourselves a break at all.

We try so hard to always be in control of our emotions and our stability that when there is a slight shift in that perspective we are all over the place with shock, humiliation and disappointment in ourselves for not being okay.

I thought to share this post about how it is okay to not be okay. We don’t have to always have everything figured out.  We get anxious. We get worried. We break down and cry and sometimes scream and shout. We snap at others when we should not and we break down with uncontrollable emotions and that’s okay.

No one knows your journey and that’s what gives you the right to be okay with not being okay for a while.  If you can’t allow yourself to feel your pain how will you feel your joy?

Here’s the misconception, that something needs to happen to you first before you break down.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Nothing needs to ‘happen’ in this instant for you to not be okay.

Sometimes something happened earlier today, yesterday, last week, month, year or years ago it doesn’t matter, fact is, it happened and it happened to you, therefore you decide how to process your emotions and some times our emotions decide for us when to feel or when to breakdown.  That doesn’t make us weak or pitiful, in fact I believe it makes us strong enough to be raw to our emotions and that is living in truth.

There are worse things that could be happening to us and I honestly do believe that when we know this, we can accept ourselves and not just be okay with not being okay but also be grateful for not being okay because that is the path to healing.

So the next time you have a break down, remember that whatever happens to us in our moments, some we can control and others we cannot, and that in a world with a trillion types of sadness, we are tiny in our passing challenges so accept them and let them pass.  Our strength lies in both our sadness and happiness and if you still cannot find anything there, then just visit gratitude.

The control switch is gone,  lost it again

Some days I have a tight grip and everything seems like clockwork

Emotions are balanced, mind is at peace and the heart communicates words of calm wisdom

My mind is off again, wondering about somewhere

looking for answers and possible solutions, leaving my heart wrenched in a cocktail of emotions

mixed with anger, love and topped off with self pity

Yet just the other day, it was off on a peaceful wonder, proving once again

each moment to the next is not entirely my decision to make. 



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