Insufferable Love

He has lost control and it’s all a gory mess.

He involuntary tugs into the younger man, throws him a furious fist in the face, strikes at him, it is clear he cannot stop, and the rate at which his hand is hurling out these vicious blows to this almost useless body  is but a microsecond.

As with most summer evenings it is almost perfect.  The sun has just set and all ear piercing sounds of the day have faded.  Those who remain on the streets for casual entertainment are but a few and maintain the evening code of conduct which quantifies the silence of the night. There is however, always, an exception to anything that is well oiled and running smoothly, it is those negative energies we have, waiting to invade your peace, they have the desire, potential and intention to destroy.

He was tall with broad shoulders, receding hairline,  also on his evening walk, his steps are short and quick, demonstrating an antagonized movement of the body, desperately seeking to release the tension from within.  A glimpse, the reflection from his phone catches my attention, and within a fraction of a second, I have assumed him to be in a love triangle of some sort, it is the movement of his limbs and the chaotic space he seems to be in, that is the cause of my assumption.  Clearly this is not a body stressed from physical labour but that of a romantic stress.  It is the energy that  surrounds him that remains restless. My mind takes a journey on the life of a stranger. Who is he? Why the discomfort? The uncontrollable temper is obvious and trying to articulate his actions and reasoning becomes my thoughtless yet provoking story in the minutes that follow.

The phone rings, the ring disturbs his walk, he stops, answers it, whatever is said on the other side, brings him to a halt. He paces the same square meter for a while. He is arguing with someone – hands in the air, voice is raised, rising by the second – vulnerable.  I watch him attentively because this is an unusual sight in these blissful surroundings and notice some rather silent passers by who turn to curiously look at him. This is clearly a telephone love warTwo much older men walk past him, look at him peculiarly as though they themselves cannot relate and do not understand the imbalance between love, anger and control. It is only when a further two men walk passed, that the difference in age is obvious, for these two are younger, braver and much more naive, because,  they say something that could have been offensive in passing, he hears them, the phone still in his hand, he approaches the two younger men who are still in uniform, they appear carefree, perhaps just off from a work shift, but right now, they are suddenly targets in what follows to be a sordid mess, for after a few exchange of words and screeching profanity, vicious blows are shared and the gory mess attracts one too many heads. 

One of the carefree men is clearly in shock, but he is neither smart nor controlled. Three grown men. The brawl is unintended, unintentional and unnecessary, but it has passed all lines of rationale. Within seconds, the police are there, not one, not two, but three vehicles, they have taken over the street, stopped traffic and will use their authority to enforce order in these tourist paved streets.  Securing speedy, effective peace is their intention as those who reside in this bliss, pay a high price for the peaceful yet entertainingly handsome view. The police vans leave with all three in tow, sitting in the back, all dignity lost. Who are these men? Are they really that bad? He appeared to be normal, perhaps with merely a personal issue looking for a breathe of fresh air and found it in a fight of freedom – while he was walking, only to gain some composure. Was it that wrong? Was is that wrong that he left his house in anger? That he went for a walk of freedom? No, of course not, but his mistake was clearly being incapable of disciplining his emotions, so in turn, they controlled him.


You either allow that emotion, to take its course, learn to accept and work with it, or it will control the worst of you.  You should not stay in any relationship that will bring you to your merciless worst, any event that pushes you more to your negative side or any person that can get inside of you and turn you inside out,  is not always a good thing. Rely on common sense and inner courage to maintain your sanity, for those who are the mercy of someone else, are slaves not only to their own emotions, but to emotions of another person.  Emotional intelligence and control are critical in a healthy body and environment, for if not, it may be best to close that chapter or prepare for the inevitable.

Making choices that work for you first, because without a happy and stable you, there is no course to take.  You are your one and only positive force, so practice feeding all your positive energy and inner courage so that you are able to beat emotional immaturity – for those who choose to be controlled by their emotions alone, they should know, that life will never tire of testing their limits.

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