Living Your Purpose

We are so busy worrying about what our purpose in life is that we forget to live. Our purpose is our life. The way in which you discover your passion defines your purpose in a more photographed vision and even in a shorter space of time  but don’t forget to live along the way. Not  everyone finds their passion early in life and many do not understand the relevance or meaning. 

Worry and doubt only confuse the purpose

Outside influences add pressure on you to know what you should be when in fact its very normal to not know, its called life.  Instead you spend the majority of your life worrying if are you living out your purpose.  You begin what you think is a simple thought “Is this really my purpose in life? There must be more for me than this? Before you know it, it all escalates into you becoming a worrywart  in every single area of your life and this worry turns into doubt and fear.  From ‘how things will turn out, work, money, children, relationships, weight, friends, family and everything else, spending hours, sometimes days of sleepless nights worrying, yet, in fact, nothing ever  goes the way we expect, because we know nothing for certain. Worry and doubt only create negative energy and solve nothing.  Just as true as the Woody Allen quote  “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans” Besides I believe that all the energy that you give to the outside world, things you cannot change, like purpose, you are much better off pulling that energy into your being and concentrate on rather being better today, as simple as that. Being better today.

Worry drains the mind of its power, and, sooner or later, it injures the soul – Robin S Sharma

What really is life purpose anyway?  

My own interpretation of this “It is a series of events which make up your life purpose”. You have to live fully and completely to find your purpose. Live each day being better than you were yesterday. There is no one purpose without a flow of events, there is a series of events that will move your passion toward your purpose, so stay open, you could very well find it.

How do you know when you have found it? 

Some people find it early, some later and some never, that is why, it is important to not forget to live in the process of this. You may be in something right now that you believe is your purpose because it has all the right ingredients.  It makes you smile, makes you happy and it doesn’t feel like work, but during your life it could change to something else that you are more passionate about and that you never thought you could be doing. Life holds no certainties and offers no guarantees. Its like being on an airplane, no guarantee that it will get you there, but in the meantime, enjoy the ride.

How do you know you have a purpose?

I truly believe that every human being has a specific purpose, even if it is purely to teach or inspire another.  You don’t have to be an author, president or celebrity to fulfill your purpose.  There are many people who have lived incredible lives by being the best person they could be and doing whatever they did to the very best of their ability and more.  Those people too lived their purpose. Their names are not public knowledge but that doesn’t mean that they did not inspire, touch, love, and change someone’s life. It remains a life well lived, fully lived. There is too much emphasis and pressure on what you should be doing for the rest of your life when in fact, your life is your purpose, just live it well, whatever your definition of that is.

How do you know when you are not living your purpose and when will you find it? 

For a start, when you keep questioning yourself about it.  Each person knows when they are not living their purpose. You know when you are not living your life in the way you ought to. Just as you know when you are, you know when you not. Some divine voice within tells you. The beauty to this whole process of life’s purpose is that you find it when you want, when you ready, when you open yourself up, because its there, for you, unlocked.

So what are you saying? Is there a strategy to follow for me to find my purpose or not? 

There are many books and online articles where you can find a strategy on how to go about this. From writing things down to simply finding out what it is that you enjoy doing, talking about and what makes you smile. For most it is never that simple though. Its a struggle and causes frustration and unhappiness so here is a short list of a different kind of strategy, one that I hope will help and inspire you because it is through a purposeful life that your purpose is found.

  1. Each day, choose Happiness
  2. Be aware of yourself and live in constant Gratitude of everything you are and everything you have
  3. Use your voice not only to speak but to laugh too, especially at yourself, be kind to yourself, kindness and laughter are powerfully contagious
  4. Stay open, be adventurous. Don’t confine yourself to what you know. The world is so big. What will you learn and what will you teach?
  5. Don’t hold onto anything or anyone that does not nourish your soul, no matter who they are, let go. Life is too short to be unhappy and too long to be with the wrong person.
  6. Forgive yourself and let go of any negativity. You are a renewed and whole person.  Alive.  Don’t hold onto your mistakes. They are the reason you are smarter and wiser
  7.  You are perfect and this is the perfect time, don’t wait. Its such a waste of time, talent and opportunity
  8. Aim high for what you want to achieve or you will eventually bore yourself and in turn blame life
  9. Stay in tune with these things, especially faith but don’t forget persistence because there is nothing greater
  10. You will have detours and parking benches along the way. Accept. Breathe. They too will bring something into your life.

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” ~Robin Sharma

And how will this help me?

It is through passion that purpose is discovered.

You simply must trust life, it is that simple. We are one with the universe and the sooner you understand that it is not your job to have everything figured out the simpler life becomes, whether you like it or not, accepting the flow of things and the way they are makes your life open up. Things do not always work out the way we planned for the time we planned, but they always work themselves out.  Have faith in what happens in your life. Most people never truly live because they are so busy worrying about the future, have some faith in life and what is in for you. If you have can risk everything you have, your heart and your soul, for temporary emotional satisfaction, and not trust what life has to offer you, then faith is more than a need for you, it is a thirst.

Stop looking for your purpose and live your best life every day because if you do, you will undoubtedly find your purpose. If you feel that it is not your best life, then you have not discovered your purpose and that is okay because it means that your current state is part of the events that make up your purpose.  If you are in a job or relationship that you are not happy with, remember a job is not just a job, meeting a person is not pointless, these are a vehicle that prepare you for something greater.  When we live a life of purpose, we are creating the path of our purpose.  Your life events will move your passion toward your purpose.

You don’t always need a plan, sometimes you just need to stop worrying, analyzing and ruining everything in the process. Try exhaling all those toxic thoughts and just trust life –


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