Love Obsession

Love Obsession

Intoxicating, suffocating, a hint of tasteful passion

Fire and death, this love we share, on constant rapid heat

Set me free, set us free, it’s in the cards our lifelong love

Fighting life, fighting back, our constant losing battle

We don’t belong, we do belong, we’re in each other’s blood

Pure love and penalties, sins committed eternities

Hate, Love, Hate Love, it’s in our fight for love

Two minds, one body, we cannot leave, we will not leave

No power, no control, our destiny designed

The road is long, the walk is tired

Our love endures a thousand year’s,  it’s in our cards, we tread along the road, into our destiny

I loved you then, I love you now, you are my everything

Your loved me then, you love me now, I am your everything

I run away, I cannot hide, your love attracts my entire being, its in the stars, its in our eyes, we pulling at this thing called love

You are obsessed,  let me go, its too late, obsession is contagious too

Love unconditional, love divine, love in love, with love of love

Made of steel this love of ours, will not break, bad, good, love remains

Love Obsession

Love it is.






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