There is power in persistence whether you choose to see it that way or not. Once people are successful we make a habit of measuring them by the cars they drive, the clothes they wear or by their lifestyle.  We don’t know what it took for them to get there, what they had to accomplish in order to be in that better place they are in right now, and no matter how many times they tell their story, we will never truly understand it until we have walked in their path and experienced the setbacks that they have had to endure.  Either way, the road that leads to success is never smooth, there are always parking benches along the way, but it is the determination they had to get there and their persistent nature to not give up that makes them different to everyone else. There is also a certain amount of fear attached to being persistent in what you want to achieve so as you read on, you will see why love is the key functionality in this journey.

Common Conversation

When you ask someone, how did you get here? You will sometimes hear them say

“I know it’s a cliché but……

  • I saw this advert/ and it spoke to me, or I was at a speaker conference and felt so motivated it felt as though the message was for me, or, I was in my garden and whilst sorting the weeds in my mind there was this one idea that stayed with me so I decided I would use it in my story and that story turns out to be a best seller.

We all have those moments. They are not unique, it’s what they do with that cliché that sets them apart.

Stupid Courage

Those are the people that take action, have an idea and go with it, because they believe in themselves enough to have the courage to fail and enough courage to try again until they succeed and then there are those that analyse the possibility of everything that can go wrong, they have already closed the door to any possibilities.  When you do something that requires bravery people will often think or say “how stupid” “how naïve” or something similar. The reason others look at it that way is because what you do, is so brave, it scares them and most times it scares you most of all.  I like to call it stupid courage because it’s always courage which appears to be dressed up in stupid and I would rather have stupid courage than none at all. There is no other type of courage, you either have have a daring courage to succeed or none at all.

Persistence is Love

I always look at the word persistence in the same light as it were the word love because we all know the power of loving someone so much it consumes your every breath, a love that has your every fibre and cell pulsating.  The love between two people, the love a mother has for her child, it holds the same depth, capacity and strength as persistence therefore it requires the same attention, the same dedication and the same passion.  From my experiences, only if you love what you want in surmountable fashion will you achieve it.  This is applicable no matter what your definition of success is.  Greater wealth (unless you are born into wealth) relationships and just about every goal or dream out there from losing weight, to travelling the world to your career choices to marriage. There should always be an element of light and persistent love in what you do because love gives you courage and becomes the necessary key in persistence.

Confident Persistence

Confidence is a state of being, a state of mind, an emotional state and an extremely confident state.  I have been told that just because you are persistent doesn’t necessarily mean you are confident. I genuinely don’t think that is true because if you have the persistent gene and are persistent by nature you will need a little confidence and a little stupid courage to get you through the door. It is confidence that drives persistence. There are those that are extremely confident in all areas of their lives but cannot or rather will not push themselves for anything more, clearly because ‘it’ does not rank important enough for them. You see, persistence is work. It consumes a lot of energy. So unless what you are going after is love consuming, then you best re-evaluate because you will experience many parking benches along the way and you must have the silent roar of a lion inside in order to get off the bench and keep going.

Parking Benches

Sometimes you park for 5 min and sometime you park for hours.  You don’t know how long you will be so you can’t say.

One of the reasons there are so many parking benches along the road to success is that in life there is positive and negative energy. These energy elements come in the form of emotions. You have probably read the quote that about the Cherokee Legends advice to the little boy ‘which one you feed’.  When I think about parking benches along the way to success I don’t look at the parking bench as an obstacle at all but rather a method of getting there, a journey in preparation, as I mentioned in my blog post The Present Moment.

If you look at it as an obstacle the chances of getting off the bench and moving on become starved but if you look at it as a journey in progress, you will take the events that occurred on the parking bench and use them to empower you. There is always those forces of negativity that will be at play, it’s not so much that you need to control that part of you but more that you don’t feed it to grow and as we all know when you don’t feed something it doesn’t grow and when it doesn’t grow it dies and when it dies it means there is no longer a need to exercise control over that area because it no longer exists. Which brings me back to my point earlier about stupid confidence and how far it can take you because it is again courage and persistence that you are feeding on your journey even though it may appear as stupid. Love, faith and humility vs hate, self-pity and arrogance are just some of the energetic elements that we experience in the form of emotions so be sure to acknowledge them as they arrive and decide which ones you will open the door to. Same as ‘for I am wise enough to know, that if I do not choose my battles, they will surely choose me’ my blog post You Are Who You Are.

The Essence of the Journey

What is important to understand is that whether or not we achieve the exact results at the end of the persistent journey in an effort to achieve, we always end up in the positive because that is the whole purpose of your journey and how it was it was intended. Most of the time along the way you are so busy feeding the negativity that you miss the opportunity of capturing the whole essence of the journey, the richness of the experience which leaves you with less in the end so you may as well enjoy the ride, as said, but along the way, take your brains with you and practice feeding the positives especially patience. I could go on about the complications and the chaotic confusion which is created by impatience but I would love for you to come back for more…….because It is in the Art of Love that Persistence succeeds is what I believe.

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