Quiet Frustrations

There are many lives being led in quiet frustration. Those who look happy and say they are yet have no idea where it is all going. How often do you find yourself in a situation where you have no idea where you are going with your life yet you are in something that every day is taking you somewhere? The only difference being that you are not the one piloting your life?

Are you living your dreams/life purpose or are you entirely on the edge?  Or at the minimum, are you closer every day even though it may appear far? Is what you do every day in direct alignment with where you want to go? If not, then re-evaluate and make sure that you are not living in ‘quiet frustration’ knowing that its not enough, knowing that this surely cannot be what was set out for you. If you feeling claustrophobic as though you are doing something wrong every day, then you probably are. If you believe this is not “it” for you, then it probably is not and until you are not in control of your life and have no idea of where it will lead you, then you will end up in ‘some place’ not where you should have or could have been when all the while, your dream life was just below the surface of your frustrated life.


  • Make sure your exhaustion and frustration holds the same capacity or is less than the strength and depth of your love and joy.
  • Your sacrifices should not include all of your life, and consume all of your hopes because they in turn become a life lesson and not a life accomplishment.
  • Put a time period on it in order to see change in the event or the person. Be disciplined and fair with the time period you allow for change. Be respectful and don’t extend the time to suit by compromising further.

Change is Everything. Stagnation is Frustration. 

The only reason situations do not change in our lives is because of fear, nothing else.  Being too afraid to change things is the cause of no change at all. To want change, is a start, to think about change is visualization, but to do nothing about it and not activate what you visualize is pointless because the dream eventually dies.  You remain further than before from the possibility of your life lessons becoming life accomplishments.

Change is everything because without change there is no growth and without growth there is stagnation and stagnation is frustration.  People always think about change as an end to something instead of thinking about it as a beginning to something else and you do not necessarily need to change the players, just the game. When you can begin to understand the intelligence of life and how it is dealt you will accept things as they should be if not as they are because ultimately they become as they should be.


Too often we are told to accept things the way they are, and although this is true, it does not mean that you should be passive about things you do not approve of. Once you accept the little things for the way they are, you are in a better place to understand the greater things that must be accepted as well as the things which you should have a voice about and do something about them.

  • Ask ourselves some truths and be responsive and open minded about the fact that people and situations are never perfect and that making certain compromises are part of life as long as they are within reason and are healthy alternatives
  • Accept and acknowledge ourselves and those around us, flaws included. No one is perfect, neither is life. It is as perfect as we choose it to be.
  • Life is to be accepted not challenged or it can severely cost us.  We can choose to either accept and be happy or fight against it all
  • Acceptance is knowing ourselves in all our form because only then do we know and understand that if what we determine as quiet frustration can be brought on by our environment, people that surround us, events in our lives, or perhaps none of these. Perhaps the answer lies in us.

“When happiness lies just below the surface of unhappiness” – – Quiet Frustration



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