Trainers are paid to motivate you to train harder or lose weight, people around you can push you to be better at what it is you are trying to achieve, glossy magazines at your disposal do a very fine job in the motivation department of your life, its more like a marketing strategy on how to get you to perform, a promise to get you to a peek that you once thought was impossible, and most likely very successful, point is, motivation is an outside challenge rather than a spiritual connection.

Advice is not a word that comes to mind either, that is the task of the professionals, the rest is all based on life’s journey.  Besides, from my experience, professional or not, to always tread carefully when others give advice because it can come from a purely professional place,  a personal good place,  a bad place or an unfinished place of someone else’s life, so you have to choose only that which inspires you or betters you.

I read a quote once that said, ‘no time wasted, is time wasted’ and I stopped to think about how relevant that was to me at the time, you know when you see something that speaks to you? It may be unproductive but it may also inspire something deeper within you, so either way, its spiritually fulfilling and that is the purpose in life, to reach an end result of fulfillment.  So whatever it is you are doing or think you not doing, is actually a process in preparation of what you will ultimately do.

I am focused on the present moment

Very difficult at that interim but decidedly so, especially if you are purposefully seeking something else, you will find that your life leads you through a particular path in preparation of your purpose. Your only requirement is to acknowledge it when it does happen, and how you acknowledge it you may ask, is when you feel aligned to it. When you are spiritually aligned to something, it will no longer be about the outside aspects of what you thought it was all about. It will not feel like a job or challenge, instead it will feed your soul and it will lighten you up inside so that you in return are able to live out your purpose with passion.

Inspiration is the only word I can use to determine the theme and objective of this blog page because this is by no means an effort for me that I have to try to motivate but instead it is a  Passionate Inspiration that burns me up inside on such high settings that I cannot wait to be right here, in this place, with you,  and practice caution to not inundate you with words:) even though at times, tempted.  This place, where time and day have no relevance, all that matters is the present moment.

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