The Voice Inside My Head

This quote is excellent because its frightfully true, except what we need to also understand is that in order for us to achieve that kind of beneficial, soul experience of solitude that will bring you to the truth and the right choices, then we also need to take into account that we will be delving into the subconscious mind where the influence of our lives lays buried

Sigmund Freud’s comparison of the Conscious and Unconscious Mind

Acknowledge it. Go with it. Remain Positive To The End. 

Its not just a bad thing, lets start there. Its that feeling in the pit of your stomach that pushes you to do something, the one we mostly choose to ignore. Sometimes it could be as simple as making a decision on what to do, buy, where to go, what to say, and sometimes it is that awful feeling down below that says something is wrong. Either way, always listen up, because its never wrong. Huge corporations, million dollar companies with costly strategies in place, use the basic gut instinct to make decisions.

There are still many people who see this as a shameful technique or don’t feel justified and intelligent enough to say “I can just feel it” but that’s society. We would much rather go with quotes that tells us to “toss a coin and when its in the air we’ll know what side we hoping for” and maybe that works but I don’t know anything as crystal clear as your own gut instinct.  Some say it takes years to develop, I don’t believe it does, some people are in tune with themselves from a very young age, its just a matter of being aware of it. Everything in life is practices, no different with your gut instinct.

There comes that word again. Trust yourself in order to know,  like you know, like you know, what your subconscious feeling is saying to you.  You cant get rid of it, you can’t brush it off, and even though sometimes you wish you could, the downside is, it wont go away. 

 The Unlimited Power of The Subconscious Mind 

I like to think about the conscious mind as the one that’s in the forefront telling me what to do day to day, but the one I am more interested in nurturing is the subconscious mind that comes from that feeling deep inside.

My Affirmatives

The voice inside my head that says, you crazy fool, this will never work, you pull me deep inside and whisper, just try it one more time

The voice inside my head that says – You don’t belong,  you pull me deep inside and whisper – this is your mapped out place

The voice inside my head that says – His such a fool perhaps the worst there is – You pull me deep inside, and whisper, he is your everything

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