Unbreakable Love

You know I’m sick to death of you but try as I may I cant get away from you

Who said anyway that we were meant to be?

Who is to say that we should not meet for a while and then move right along?  

The moments of a while, how long is a while exactly?

How do you determine a while, whose to know?  

What if we have just overstayed a while? 

I watch you frown and scowl, curse and scream, and wonder why you are such a troubled soul

Surely somewhere, sometime, someone must have loved you dearly

For you are incredibly kind yet so cruel but manage all with such efficiency

Never too late, never to soon, yet never on time

Your life is your portfolio, no pictures, no resume, just a carbon copy of the person you thought you would be

Your love is strong, unconditional and suffocating meant just for you

Whose to say you are just one messed up puzzle?

The pieces torn and tattered, no renewal date, too old to even care

Some parts of you I used to love, some parts of you I didn’t know, never parts of you I ever hated

For all these years have left us here

 and still I cannot hate

For all the things you carved on me, you gave me too, the best of you, the worst of you

All of You.

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