You Are Your Own Positive Force

Nothing is going to be any different today, this week,  next month or ever – if you do not turn the switch in your mind, from OFF to ON, from NEGATIVE to POSITIVE, from NEUTRAL to INVOLVED.

A great amount of time is spent in awful silence, deciding, analysing, complaining, angry, depressed, frustrated, waiting, hoping – there is no time like the present moment, there will never be a more definite and perfect moment like this moment. Find your voice, quit being angry, depressed, waiting, planning, analyzing – and all the other things you have been doing, which you know do not serve you now and never will. All they do is rob the very best parts of you and they steal, like a thief, your present joy – so fight back, stop finding weakness as your excuse, you are stronger than you think, and if you are not going to use the gift of life, as you ought to, as was planned especially for you, then please, by the very least, quit complaining that you have it, for someone else, somewhere else, will pay a mighty high price for it.

You have inside of you a force so powerful, so gigantic, so enriched in strength, and, when you do all the negative things in the world, when you say and think negative thoughts and words, in essence, what you are really doing, is taking from the good place to feed the bad place. There is good, and there is bad, in everyone – so you decide – which part of you will you be feeding?

The miracle of life, is that, we are always given another chance, a 2nd chance, a 3rd and a 4th, irrespective, whether the players change, whether the weather changes, if the menu changes, that is not where your focus should be, it should be, on the fact, that you have, another chance. A place of good in us is always there, it never runs dry, when you draw from it, without refilling, and you empty it, you destroy it and as long you continue to do that, you will stay on that path, naturally, it will not change – but all it takes, is one, simple, decision, I will, I am – to start opening the gates to that positive force inside you.

If you are reading this and you can relate – then turn the negative off, start living and understand the gift of life. You dont need to do anything great, you don’t need to have a plan to be the master of your life, all you need is one good moment to the next. If you have a plan and are on it, stay on course with gratitude. Whatever you do, stop waiting for something to happen, someone to change, someone to arrive, for a big intervention of some sort – it never works out like that. What does in fact happen, is this:  “you look back on your life and you see, how perfect that time really was” – so today, wherever you may be, whoever you may be, make this time in your life, that perfect time.

You Are Your Own Positive Force – Real Life in a Blog



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